Bed hinges for couches

The product makes it easy to transversely open up the mattress and the bed frame reliably when used in couches with a mattress.



  • HAV – bed hinge for couch
  • P – in pairs (J – right, B – left)
  • 01 – version number (currently only this version exists)
  • V – with mounting slider (N – without mounting slider)
  • 400N – extension force of gas spring

The above example represents a bed hinge for couches in pairs with a mounting slider and with gas springs of 400N.

You can buy only the bed hinge (without gas springs) itself and also the gas springs alone. The identification of the bed hinge without gas springs is HAVP-01V. (Explanation of identification: see above.) The bed hinge is sold in black colour. We do not supply mounting screws.

Choosing the correct extension force

The proposed extension force of the gas spring::

Weight of mattress + bed frame [kg]2025303540
Force [N]400500600700800


Figure 14. contains the recommended installation dimensions for your couch and bed frame. The gas spring should always be installed to the mounted bed hinge as shown in figure 14. With the correctly installed bed hinge the couch can be opened and closed in the usual way.

Figure 14. – Installation of hardware for gas-spring couches