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[:hu]venturi distributor[:]

Our special product is the liquid distributor, which is usually used in heat exchangers. The fluid entering the inlet branch of the liquid distributor is discharged to a number of outlets with the same cross-section. The diameter, the number of pieces and the design of the outlets (countersunk, welded tube) vary widely. The liquid distributor material is usually stainless steel, in various grades.

Our machinery:

  • 2db Colchester Tornado A50 CNC lathe
  • 1db Colchester Tornado T6M CNC lathe
  • 1db Okuma Genos L300-M CNC lathe
  • 1db Okuma Genos L3000-M CNC lathe
  • 1db Mazak Integrex 200 5 axis machining centre
  • 1db NCT MM800 CNC milling machine
[:hu]machined part[:]

Our company has been manufacturing since 1993, and since 2000 we have been using CNC machines for machining.

We are specialized in machining of automatic steels, stainless and acid-resistant steels, copper alloys and aluminium alloys.

On request, we can undertake the sandblasting of our components, and, through our partner, the surface protection of parts (galvanising, anodising, decorative chrome plating, browning, ARCOR nitriding).

Please contact us at takacs.istvan@moliton.hu or call +36 30 449 2915.